Схема вышивки stick designer

схема вышивки stick designer
But it’s indescribable!!! Stitched on 28ct Platinum Linen in your choice of a teal, blueberry and mauve color scheme, or cranberry and deep greens, this sampler finishes approx 5 x 23 inches. Check out the owls at the top, then all the spiders… then the precious and scary Trick-or-Treaters at the bottom! Wedding Line Up Chart — $10.00 Nativity Line UpReminds me of the grade school Christmas Pagent!!! Trilogy has a 5-1/2 inch square design — offered as a leaflet — that will make a cute Holiday decoration.

Italian cross-stitch and Montenegrin stitch are reversible, meaning the work looks the same on both sides. Stitched on 28ct linen in shades of Weeks Overdyeds and Gentle Art Sampler Threads, each features a pack of handmade clay buttons from Just Another Button Company! Good-sized, just like all the rest of L & L’s charts, this finishes approx 13 x 16 on 28ct. It features several metallics, nine of the Needlepaint flosses, and a few Mill Hill glass beads. It’s truly a work of art! Each design is stitched in bits of overdyed threads, and comes with it’s own tiny brass embellishment. Our lovely new American Collection is available HERE.

This is the 9th year to add to the set of Musical, Mountaineer, Polar… all of the previous 24 are pictured on our MH Kits pages. The evening sky and quiet village surround Baby Jesus on the night of his birth. These more difficult stitches are rarely used in mainstream embroidery, but they are still used to recreate historical pieces of embroidery or by the creative and adventurous stitcher. Very cute, this one BELONGS in the home of every stitcher!!!! The Just Nan Stocking CollectionI just want to highlight — in one place on our site — Nan’s lovely collection of Christmas Stockings. Choose Twilight Blue as your fabric… we have it in several counts. Ribbon Embroidery by Machine / вышивка лентами швейной машиной [1998, DjVu, JPG]Marie Pieroni — Encyclopedie de la Broderie au Ruban.

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